The leadership styles of just three years ago don’t appear to work in the new ‘post-pandemic’ world.

Many commentators believe that western economies are experiencing the ‘Great Resignation’ due to outdated corporate leadership styles.

Gallup studied management before the pandemic and found that 82 per cent of managers were not very good at leading people. Gallup also found that half of the people who voluntarily left a job did so to avoid a terrible manager.

However, business leaders and executives are also well aware of their shortcomings. Only half of 2,800 business leaders surveyed by Gartner in 2019 thought they are well-positioned to lead their organisations into the future.

Neva Consulting strongly believes in a new leadership style, with following characteristics:

–       Balance the need for effective prioritisation of work with the need to care for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being

–       Leaders become ‘change leaders’ who strive to improve themselves and their teams

–       New leaders embrace inclusion and psychological safety. Good leaders are now humble “servant leaders” who see their role as giving back to the organisation and enabling everyone to reach their fullest potential

–       Good leaders display a learning mindset. Respected leaders should not be a know-it-all but should aspire to be a learn-it-all. This requires leaders to demonstrate confident uncertainty, admit things they don’t know and seek solutions from colleagues and the people they lead.


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