Why take the Neva Consulting - Legal M&A course ?

  • Understand the legal and economic drivers of M&A
  • Understand structures of M&A transactions, shared features, and the problems that typically arise within different deals
  • Build a working knowledge of legal strategies and techniques to better achieve the objectives of client and stakeholders
  • Gain insight into examples of contractual clauses used in M&A transactions
  • Learn to match theory on Legal M&A with practice.

Who should take the Neva Consulting - Legal M&A course ?

This course is designed by experts for anyone who will take part in a M&A transaction and would like to understand why his or her lawyers are proposing certain actions or for legal professionals, in particular lawyers, who need a stronger understanding of the laws, structures, and techniques that shape M&A transactions. 

The course can be useful for legal professionals active in the area of M&A or those that wish to gain knowledge in this area, like non-legal professionals in financial services, consulting, and management will also benefit from this course. These individuals may have previously had experience with M&A, but now need to enhance their foundational understanding. Entrepreneurs and business owners will learn to confidently navigate potential M&A transactions through a stronger understanding of the legal side of M&A. 

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